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About the 2009 Elections


Staff elections at AFP take place every two years. As laid down by French labour law, they elect both the members of the Works Committee, a key consultative body which also manages a wide range of staff benefits, and the reps who present grievances to management.

Voting in these 2009 elections is electronic, via a secure web site. Eligible voters (see below) should have received via postal mail both the various union platforms, and information on how to vote.

Voting started on Monday March 9 and runs until Thursday April 9.

Journalists: Vote early, vote SNJ-CGT!

NB: For legal reasons, non-headquarters status staff cannot vote in these elections.

Eligible voters are:

  • All headquarters-status wage-earners who are under an indefinite term contract (CDI), as long as they have worked for AFP for at least three months;
  • All headquarters-status wage-earners under an short-term contract (CDD), on condition that:

    - they are under contract with the agency at some point or other during the voting period, which runs from March 9 to April 9;

    - they have worked for the company for at least three months in all (the periods don’t have to be consecutive);

  • All headquarters-status freelancers who fulfil the following criteria:

    - they have a French journalists’ card;

    - their work for AFP in 2008 resulted in three wage slips or more, for an annual total of at least 3,500 euros.

High Stakes in 2009

This year’s elections are particularly important, in view of the serious threats against both AFP’s status as an independent news agency, and its staff in general.

Among direct threats to our livelihoods are staff downsizing, a wages freeze and major restrictions on both freelance and general reporting budgets.

If you work for AFP, it is essential that you take an interest in these elections, and that you vote if eligible.

Journalists: Vote for the SNJ-CGT!